Special Inks and Varnishes

Encapsulated Flitter Varnish

One of the most decorative and eye catching coatings available. This high gloss varnish contains metallic polyester particles that are suspended within the varnish. When applied they will bring a real sparkle to the printed image. There are a huge variety of different glitter colours available, which can be mixed together to create your own unique effect. Glitter particles are also available in two different grain sizes which can also create dazzling contrast when mixed together.

Pearlescent Finish

A dramatic shimmering effect created by using a speciality pigment made from crushed mother of pearl particles to add iridescent highlight and depth. By using spot pearlescent finishes high impact effects can be achieved without the cost of using special pearlised materials.

Reticulation Effect

A wrinkled snakeskin effect created by increasing the viscosity of the coating to a point where it cannot be spread evenly onto the board.

Sandpaper Finish

Grainy particles are suspended in coating to create a tactile sandpaper like texture.

Soft Touch Coating

Creates a leather like effect with a matte appearance. A special product applied inline that has a major impact when applied in conjunction with high gloss spot UV varnish.

Scented Finish

Scents can be micro encapsulated into pigments which are then added as a coating and applied to specific areas across the printed sheet. This requires the finished area to be touched or rubbed to activate.

Standard Inks and Varnishes

UV Gloss

Produces a high gloss print finish with instant UV curing. Suitable for a range of food and non-food packaging. Helps to protects the finished product and can be applied matte or gloss with a flood or spot finish

Gloss Emulsion

Water based varnish gives a medium gloss. Feels distinctly non-slip when compared to a UV finish.

Satin Emulsion

Water based varnish with a subtle sheen finish. Creates an interesting effect somewhere between matte and gloss.